Updated analogy of Happy, Healthy & Wise for today’s kids-

I remember answering the question when my daughter was born the question what do you want for your child  with the standard  ”I want her to be  Happy, Healthy & wise”.  It’s funny how that has changed over the years for me as my daughter has grown and I was just asked a similar question by her school – What do want for your child when she finishes going to her first school ? (Mulberry only goes to 5th grade)  Interesting question and one that got me really thinking about what do I want for her ? Sure happy, healthy and wise but she will define that for herself – Ability to read, write and do Math (maths for my overseas friends) – again that will not really help her beyond fitting into some mold someone set years ago to “fit in” the system . As you might guess I do not really have any interest in having  her fit into some “Standard” written by the state of California. So what would I like her to have when she “graduates” fifth grade ?

Here is what I came up with -

  1. Growth Mindset – I would love for her to understand that her abilities are not fixed traits as defined by Carol Dweck in her work at – http://mindsetonline.com/
  2. Drive – Find her inner motivations and follow them – Dan Pink’s book says it all – Drive – See him on TED – carrots and sticks are dead
  3. Be a Linchpin – as defined by Seth Godin in his new book - Linchpin – Are you indispensable ?

Not sure if the analogy works – Grow, Drive and Linch :) will have to work on that one . As parents if we  give a framework around Growing, internal motivations and doing for her she will define what  Happy, Healthy and wise means to her. That is what I would like for her when she “graduates”.

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