Do you need an Oil change every 3000 Miles ?

For the last ten years or so, it seems the normal for people in the US is to have their cars oil changed every 3000 miles. I imagine this was a nice revenue stream for the auto companies when it came out of the customers pocket and not companies pocket. I spoke with a few friend who recently purchased cars that had service included for the first 50K or so miles and guess what – The car companies no longer recommend having 3000 mile oil changes – instead 5 to 8 thousand mile oil changed are only allowed. Will this issue make it to the surface of the media or die off ? Who was really responsible for the 3K mile oil change recommendation ? Is the 3K recommendation a myth or a sales revenue marketing program ?

Auto companies could use this new normal for oil changes as a marketing program for going green. I can see the headline – GM saves 10 million barrels of oil each year by building better cars. Seems like an opportunity to bust a myth and make some impact. Guess what it would cost the company – almost nothing.

Seems like they could do something remarkable and use most of Seth Godin’s books as inspiration -

  • Book -Free Prize Inside – Your car is helping you go green – less oil needed
  • Book – Purple Cow – A remarkable story about how X Auto company is going green
  • Book – Tribes – X Auto company is leading us into the future
  • Book – All marketers are liars – The story of really going green

Or will they be Predictably Irrational as Dan Arliey  points out and try to fight customers on it was never the auto companies that made that recommendation  -

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